Chile, Mo’Nique had time today #Roommates! The actress took to her podcast to explain why she came for Oprah Winfrey’s wig last week during her comedy show, and it’s safe to say that she won’t be breaking bread with Oprah anytime soon.

Back in the day when Oprah’s talk show was still on the air she called Mo’Nique and told her that her brother Gerald (whom she claims molested her) wanted to come on the show. Mo’Nique says Oprah asked her for her approval and how she felt about it, and kept it real with her saying:

“Sis that n*** is up to scamming sh** and I don’t wanna fool with them. She [Oprah] says, “Well we would like for you to come on the show too.” And I told her, “I don’t want no parts of it because I know that n****, but I said everybody is allowed to change and my brother could truly be a changed person and he could come on the show and explain it but I don’t want no parts in it.”

Mo’Nique says they spoke for about an hour, told Oprah about her family issues, and that she wasn’t on good terms with her mom.

“I said to that sister, shit is really bad. She [Oprah] says, I understand.”

Mo’Nique says after they got off the phone she told her husband how happy she was that Oprah reached out about her brother because she didn’t have to. Mo’Nique was blindsided when she saw not only her brother on the show, but her MOM and DAD as well!!

Mo’Nique felt betrayed by Oprah because she never told her that she was thinking about bringing her parents on the show.

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