Find your passion!

Poor Monday’s… They ALWAYS get a bad rap! Very often we dread Monday morning everything. Going to work, getting up, school, calls, etc, etc but, we figured we’d like to help poor Monday out with a little spirit and MOTIVATIONAL lift.

Do you know what your calling is? I tend to believe that whatever it is that you feel completely passionate and in love with doing, THAT thing is your calling. Sometimes we have things that we wake up with, think about all day, dream about and go to bed with. Those things are the things that we should do to make a happy and fulfilling life.


Go with what excites you. That energy is your passion!

mind right

Gumbumpers, consider what a truly great day you have today! Think of all the magnificent possibilities that are yours right now. We’ll take you on a journey of motivational quotes and positive affirmations to help you GET YOUR MIND RIGHT on this MONDAY!!!

Passion Is the Difference between Having a Job or Having a Career

love what u do

do what u love

Gumbumpers, we wish you a HAPPY MONDAY!

Be blessed… Until next week: Get Your Mind Right!

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