Ray Elbe reportedly suffered a horrendous injury while having sex with his girlfriend recently, essentially breaking his penis and passing out from the pain.


“Ultimate Fighter 9,” Ray Elbe, was rushed to the hospital earlier this month while staying in Malaysia.

Not only did he reportedly break his penis, the injury apparently required the use of 10 stitches, pretty much making this the worst story ever.


…he was having sex with his girlfriend, who was “on top”…when she bounced a little too high, and crunched Ray’s erect penis.  According to Ray, his penis “fractured”…and “blood was everywhere.” Ray says he immediately passed out from the pain.

The fighter says he learned a hard lesson from the experience—and will never let his girlfriend be “on top” ever again.

Elbe also explained, “In an attempt to make it up to me…[my girlfriend] has promised me a threesome of my choice when we get to the Philippines…which usually has some solid talent.”

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