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You’ve seen the red carpet arrivals, now peep a few YBF highlights from GLAMOUR’s Women of the Year Awards inside….

Prima Ballerina Misty Copeland, looking absolutely amazing, was honored as one of GLAMOUR’s Women of the Year honorees last night. The SHOWSTOPPER to be exact. And she proved, once again, why she’s oh, so fabulous.

After being introduced by Oscar winner Luputa Nyong’o, the 33-year-old bride-to-be took center stage to thank everyone who helped her to get where she is today. She poured her heart out about being the ultimate role model and setting the standard for the younger generation to look up to and be inspired by.

She said,

“Thank you for honoring a black ballerina. Congratulations to every single one of you incredibly strong women who are setting a new standard for what power, courage and what beauty is. I have to say ballet is one of a kind in that the woman is essential. Without the prima, there is no ballet. Without my mentors, there is no Misty. This is for all of you young ones who are watching us, we’re trying to set the best example for you. I think that Glamour is showing you that it’s possible to be women and to encourage each other and to lift one another up and encourage each other.”

YAS! You better say it Misty!

Oscar nominated actress Viola Davis took the stage to present an award to a powerful group of women being honored: The Women of Charleston, South Carolina. The five women, including Alana Simmons (26), Nadine Collier (47), Bethane Middleton-Brown (45), Felicia Sanders (58) and Polly Sheppard (71) were honored with an award for their strength and perseverance after their lives were totally altered after the tragic killing of 9 church members attending Bible Study at the at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in South Carolina over the summer. Two of the women above almost lost their own lives in the incident, while the others lost loved ones.

Viola, a South Carolina native, applauded the ladies for how they gracefully handled the devastating event and commended them for their extraordinary resilience during such a trying time.

“My heart broke. All of our hearts broke. It was an act of hatred that took the lives of their loved ones and for two of them nearly their own. I cannot imagine their pain. I cannot. But neither could I have imagined their strength and how their response to the tragedy helped move our country and our conversation about race and violence forward. They showed us all the healing power of unity and compassion. This is America at its best. ”

Following her speech, the 5 women took center stage to share how the tragic event has changed their lives and encouraged everyone to spread more love and to forgive. They said, “Forgiveness is power.”

For a musical selection….

Upcoming Broadway star Jennifer Hudson seranaded the audience with a beautiful selection “Too Beautiful For Words,” a song from the stage play. Check it above.

If you missed, check out the fabulous red carpet arrivals HERE.

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