Police in South Carolina are asking the public for help finding a 15-year-old girl who disappeared from her Richland County home earlier this month.

Gabrielle Swainson’s mother told police her daughter disappeared from their home in the middle of the night on August 19 while she was working the overnight shift at her job.

Elvia Swainson, Gabrielle’s mother, told reporters that she woke her only child just prior to leaving for work around 3:30 am on the morning in question, gave her daughter her cell phone, and watched as the young girl rolled over in bed and fell back to sleep.

It was the first time that Elvia Swanson had ever left her daughter alone in the house that early in the morning. The pair had reportedly stayed up ‘really’ late the night prior watching movies and riding out a late-night thunderstorm.

When Elvia Swanson reportedly returned from her office around 7:30 am she said her daughter’s bed – as well as their house at 221 Tamara Way – was devoid of any sign of the 5-foot-2-inch tall African-American girl with black hair.

Besides her daughter, the only other thing missing from the room was the actual cell phone, which Elvia Swanson immediately tried dialing. The phone, she has reportedly said, it rang a few times and then stopped during that initial attempt, and then, on successive attempts, went directly to voicemail.

Authorities said there have not been any activities on the phone since she went missing.

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  1. One thing that I want to say is that I am a gossip blogger from South Carolina. I don't try to go to the door when someone is knocking. I don't care if they know I am there I don't go to the door. If I do I go outside to meet them. Like I had an incident like that go on and I wasn't comfortable. I remember my mother telling us that they had people broke into their house when they were younger. They said that they knew once there was a man standing in a dark corner of their room.Like I had issues with sleeping once knowing my cousin use to be in my closet after breaking into our house. Like one thing that I hated the most was that.. I pray that they find this girl.

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