Comedian Mike Epps covers this weeks Rolling Out Magazine. The photo shot  was taken by Dewayne Rodgers and interviewed by Amir Shaw. Sources are saying on the set,  Mike made everyone laugh. In his interview he chats about his stand up tour, how he stays funny and more!  Check out a few excerpts from the interview, and to read it all, click here.

You’re about to hit the road again. What does it take to prepare for a stand-up tour?
I’m always working throughout the entire year. I’m … working on my next show or my next tour. Before I hit the road, I go to comedy clubs, improvs and do multiple shows. I work on my act, my timing and I make sure all of my jokes are in place.

Why will this be your best stand-up concert thus far?
This is my third stand-up installment. I think I’m more seasoned. I’ve been working on jokes for many, many years. My subject matter, my story, my punch lines and my delivery [are] all better. I’ve been doing it for so long now, it’s time to really show everybody what I’ve been working on for many, many years.

Let’s go back for a minute. At what moment did you realize that you could be successful at stand-up comedy?

Aw man, you know it started back in 1954 … [people were] like man “how old is this Benjamin Button looking motha?” I’m just kidding … it was 1994. I went on “Def Comedy Jam” and had a great set. When I hit the “Def Comedy Jam” scene, it was off the chain. But that was my golden year when things first kicked off.

What’s the hardest part about being funny when you’re having a bad day?
I hit that weed. I smoke a fat blunt. That’s how I do that [laughs]. No, but I get up and give glory to God. I keep everything in perspective and work hard. A lot of people think I’m just going on stage and just freestyling and clowning. No, I’m not. I work on my jokes like everybody who gets up and works on whatever they make a living doing.


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