R&B singer Miguel covers the summer’s issue of Paper Magazine.


Miguel opens up about everything from relationships to record labels, and revealing why he decided to throw caution to the wind to save his career.



Check out some excerpts below:

On expressing emotions through music:

“As comfortable as I am dealing with it in my music, it’s so much harder to do for real. I’m not even going to pretend”.

On music having no boundaries:

“I really wanted to stretch musically on this song, not only sonically but structurally, and just kind of remind people that R&B has no boundary. There’s no rulebook to how R&B is supposed to sound. What I’m trying to say with my music is, you don’t have to pretend. Say what you mean”.

On current music style:

“I wanted to reconnect to my peers, the people that I hang out with, the ones that go to the same bars, listen to the same music, look at the same blogs, will be at that art gallery, will be at that show. Those people, the ones that I wasn’t touching before, I had their attention”.



Photos: Michael Flores/PAPER magazine

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