As you know,  Michael Jordan’s ex-wife Juanita Jordan has been out of the spot like since their divorce in 2007.


When Michael Jordan divorced his wife Juanita, her $168 million settlement was one of the largest on record.

So why was Junaita surprised when Michael didn’t tell her he was getting married again..?

Juanita recently sat down with the Chicago Business Insider where she discussed life after her high-profile divorce.


Check out a few excerpts from the interview below:

On Juanita’s goals after the divorce:

“I wanted to simplify my life. I got off boards, I downsized the way I lived. I had to because I wasn’t going to be in a huge house. I really looked forward to the basic things: my children and my good friends,”

“I thought I’d open my own business,” she says. “But it was important for me to remain in my kids’ lives as much as possible, even through college. And that required a lot of time.” So she has kept her real estate license active and focused on helping her children settle into adult life.

On Juanita’s current relationship with Michael:

Ms. Jordan says she and Mr. Jordan still talk. “Mostly our conversations are about the children. I don’t remember him saying, ‘By the way, I’m getting married,’ ” she says, chuckling at the thought. “Divorce was certainly new to me. I had to learn that you have to communicate. That it’s not about you or your ex-partner. It’s about making sure the children are all right.”

On Juanita and Michael’s kids:

The Jordans’ oldest son, Jeffrey, lives in Portland, Ore., where he’s entered Nike Inc.’s management-training program. Younger son Marcus is in Florida, hoping to open a fashion boutique. Both played college ball and dreamed of going pro.

“They wanted to be like their dad. What boy doesn’t?” Ms. Jordan says. “But they both got to a point where they said, ‘We’re not going to the NBA.’ “ That they were able to walk away from No. 23′s shadow is due much to their mother, who early on pushed her children to establish their own identities.

It’s Jasmine, the youngest Jordan child, who will follow her dad. She is wrapping up her last year at Syracuse University and will join Mr. Jordan in the office of the Charlotte Bobcats, where he’s an owner.

Do you think he needs to tell his ex-wife he’s getting married?

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