Well geeshh, here we go again.  As you may know Pamela Smith recently requested the court dismiss her suit against the Charlotte bobcats owner and NBA legend Michael Jordan but provided no explanation as to why she backed off.  Pamela asked a judge for a DNA sample to verify her claim. Throughout the ordeal, Michael vehemently denied that he is the boy’s father. Just when it was all coming to a head, Pamela dropped the case without an explanation.


Well MJ isn’t going out without a fight, MJ has filed legal documents per TMZ, asking that the case be kept open so he can counter sue.  The NBA legend wants his court costs covered, and intends to see Pamela pay, in whatever ways a judge deems apt, for dragging him through the mud.

The only thing I don’t get is, this still doesn’t prove MJ is not the father of Taj. Why would Pamela go that far with this, and embarrass her child, if he wasn’t the father??

Oh, and check this out also…..Pamela’s attorney Randall Kessler is also handling another high profile case involving an athlete at the moment. He just took on Porsha Williams-Stewart as a client, the wife of former Pittsburgh Steelers star, Kordell Stewart who blindsided Porsha with divorce papers last week.


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