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The super sexy Michael B. Jordan is gracing the pages of DUJOUR magazine in a hot new spread. Come inside to find out how what the Hollywood hunk said about Bill Cosby helping mold his career, finding love and his nerdy obsession that has us crushing on him even harder….

Michael B. Jordan is Hollywood’s next big thing. He’s knocking out killer roles left and right and we’re here for every single one of them. He’s gearing up for two epic roles in the superhero film Fantasic Four (August 5th), the Rocky spin-off Creed (November 25th). And that’s not it. He recently nabbed a role in a new film titled Just Mercy about a young lawyer fighting to fix the country’s criminal justice system. That’s sounds very interesting.

While surfing the promo trail for his upcoming superhero blockbuster film, the 28-year-old hearthrob found time to chop it up with DUJOUR magazine about his rise to mega stardom. We first met the Newark, New Jersey native on TV shows such as “The Wire” and “Friday Night Lights,” but one of his first roles in his acting career completely changed his life.

Starting out in the biz as a 12-year-old, he was cast for a small role on Bill Cosby’s “The Cosby Show,” starring opposite of the veteran actor (who has been under fire recently for allegedly drugging and sexually assaulting several women). Michael recalls his experience with Mr. Cosby as life-changing which has affected how he approaches new roles today. He said:

“He commanded that set; that was his show. He demanded a professionalism from everyone.” In one instance, Jordan recalls, Cosby helped him learn to embody his character. “He gave me a tick,” Jordan says. “[He said], ‘You care about your hair. You love your hair. You brush your hair nonstop all day. That’s what you do.’ And I was like ‘alright, got it.’ So I brushed my hair. And you’re shooting this thing for hours. Imagine brushing your hair until your scalp is raw.” But it taught him about dedication, and about how far he’d go to deliver a memorable performance, no matter how small the part.

The sexy star then talked about how fans perceive him in real life based on the roles he play. He said,

“It’s so weird, people think they know me based on my character, and I’ve played some pretty good guys,” he says. “I think I’m a good guy, but I have my moments—I’m not a saint at all.”

Oh? Mmhmm…we caught that Michael.

During his free time, the Hollywood star revealed he enjoys collecting graphic nocels and obsessing over Japanese anime! Really? News to us. Now we know how to approach him when the time presents itself. We kid.

Speaking of his love life, Michael dished that he’s very traditional when it comes to relationships (major plus in our book!). He said his parents’ relationship (who recently celebrated 30-years of marriage) is the blueprint to how he hopes to one day find love. He said,

“My family environment growing up is very much what I want eventually. It gives me hope and a longing for something more than the surface kind of relationships that you have so much. I always use them as a gauge. They were 28 or 29 when they got married. So I have a year… But unless something dramatic goes down, I don’t see that happening.”

You hear that ladies? Sounds like he’s single. We can certainly help you with that Michael. *wink*

You can read the rest of his interview here.

Now…get a napkin (because you may need to wipe your mouth) and check out his drool-worthy spread below:

So damn sexy!

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