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It seems the breakup between Big Sean and Ariana Grande wasn’t as amicable as their publicists first claimed. Find out what friends of Big Sean have been saying about Ariana Grande behind her back (but to the press) inside…

Big Sean is not a fella you want to breakup with. While he claims his hit song “IDFWU” wasn’t about ex-fiancee Naya Rivera, it’s hard to overlook the similarities. And not to mention him feeding the press messy info about their relationship. Now, pop princess Ariana Grande is getting some backlash.

While we do expect a diss-track in the future (despite their publicists’ claims that they’re remaining friends), the Ariana takedown is starting with “sources closely connected” to Big Sean. We doubt that any of Big Sean’s friends would be spilling deets to TMZ unless he approved it, so, we have to suspect he’s a little bitter.

Friends of Big Sean have been talking to TMZ, and they’ve explained HIS side of the breakup. First off, they say Ariana staged the “Justin Bieber’s come-from-behind stage embrace” (shown above) to piss him off.

They also claim Ariana failed to attend one the most important appearances of his career at the House of Blues in West Hollywood back in February. While Kanye, JLo, Chris Brown, Jay Z, A$AP Rocky, Tyga and many other came out, Ariana stayed home to get ready for the Grammy’s the next day. Big Sean says this was extremely selfish. So we will just overlook the fact that the Grammys was one of HER most important appearances? He’s coming off a bit selfish wanting her to jeopardize that.

His friends also said Sean traveled to see her “10 times more” than she went to see him. Yes….they were counting. And she demanded he spend his own money to take a private jet to see her one time. Friends of Sean say being a spendthrift is a sign of immaturity.

SIGH….since “immaturity” is a big theme in his relationships and his girlfriend choices, maybe Big Sean should go back to the high school sweetheart he dumped when he went Hollywood, or just date women closer to his age. But to have your friends go to TMZ and throw shade at your 21-year-old ex girlfriend….that’s not DETROIT!

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