MemPhitz opens up about his epic fight with Viacom, splitting with his wife Toya and the damage K. Michelle has done in an explosive new interview. Listen to it inside…

Former music exec MemPhitz (shown above with his new tattoo) appeared on Chicago’s 107.5 WGCI this week where he called into the “Kyle, Kendra & Leon IN the Morning” show to discuss his lawsuit with Viacom, the split with Toya Wright, getting cut out of Reginae’s “Sweet Sixteen” and a host of other hot button issues.

While we’ve seen him speak on these issues before, there were some new tidbits. He revealed that he and Lil Wayne are very “Cool” and Wayne even thanked him for being a father to Reginae. Also, he says K. Michelle made up the “abuse” allegations because he wouldn’t let her out of her contract and she was pissed that he was getting married. He also said he’s mad people didn’t respect his brand like they respect Toya’s.

Here are the highlights:

On splitting with Toya (1:10)

I’m currently separated. I miss my wife. But I gotta do what I gotta do.

On blame (14:59)

While he says Toya who convinced him to sue, he says he prays over the situation and tries not to blame her for where his career is

On celibacy and sleeping with other women (1:32)

I have very “celibate” thoughts.

Denies every hitting a woman (2:55)

The only thing I’ll slap is some ass.

On K. Michelle (4:55)

He says K. Michelle called him and laid out her plan to destroy his name, saying she’d make up a story about him hitting her.

On getting slapped by K. Michelle (5:46)

He explains that their “fight” was more like the Solange vs. Jay Z situation. He took all the hits.

On Reginae (13:46)

He says he used to take Reginae to school every day and he treats her like his own daughter. He says it was very hurtful with MTV (owned by Viacom) cut him out of “Sweet Sixteen”

On Viacom (9:24)

He explains why he must continue the fight with Viacom. It’s been four years. He doesn”t want to settle out of court and he wants his name cleared.

On his next career moves (13:15)

He explains that he’s in photography school and is now directing videos. He admits that he’s still learning but this allows him to be creative.

Photos via Memphitz Instagram

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