Melanie Fiona has spoken to Vibe about what we should expect from her upcoming sophomore album. The 26-year-old is eyeing a ‘fall’ release for the project and says that growth is a very important.

Although she plans to keep her soulful roots, she will also be experimenting with a broader direction: “It’s still going to have a lot of the soul influence,” she says.

“I kind of want to explore a rock, more hip-hop kind of side. That’s going to be fun, creating something new”.

‘The Bridge’ was a nice album and I’m glad she’s expanding and venturing out with her music. I think a soulful mix of rock, Hip-Hop and R&B is interesting, although I’m not expecting her to do a 360 like some. Ms Fiona is also an opening act for Alicia Keys’ ‘Element’ tour, which kicks off in two weeks in Montreal, Quebec.