Melania Trump made it very clear that she will be a fashion- forward First Lady, selecting a stunning baby blue dress and jacket for her husband Donald’s inauguration ceremony.

The public got their first glance at Melania’s perfectly-tailored look when she departed Blair House alongside her husband on their way to St. John’s Church on Friday morning, before she stood by his side as Trump took the oath of office. 

Melania, 46, later shed her jacket for lunch before putting it back on for the parade, beaming even as she walked for miles in her matching 5-inch heels.  

The new First Lady also accessorized her outfit with a clutch and elbow-length gloves that were all the same hue of blue.

Melania kept everything else simple, choosing to play up her natural beauty by sweeping her hair into a loose undo and wearing no jewelry other than a pair of massive diamond solitaire studs.

Her decision to wear a pale color and the silhouette she chose made it immediately clear that Melania was channeling Jacqueline Kennedy, who wore a similar tan outfit back in 1961 when John F. Kennedy was sworn into office.

And for the big day, Melania turned to one of Hillary Clinton’s favorite designers – Ralph Lauren.

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Flawless: Melania Trump selected a baby blue dress and jacket for her husband’s swearing in ceremony (above leaving mass on Friday morning)

Former Fist Lady: Melania’s decision to wear a pale blue and her choice of gloves made it immediately clear that she was channeling Jacqueline Kennedy (above being escorted to her seat ahead of the ceremony on Friday)

All eyes on her: Melania stood out from the rest of the Trump family, who is appears dressed in more muted tones so that Melania could shine 

New role: Melania’s Ralph Lauren look is just her first outfit of the day, with the new First lady set to reveal her gown for the ball later (above holding her husband’s childhood Bible for the swearing in)

Ecstatic: The back of Melania’s double-sided cashmere dress with jacket showcased how perfectly tailored the outfit was for her

Waterproof: Melania somehow managed to stay completely dry throughout the day despite the rainfall 

Looking after her guy: Melania adjust Barron’s tie ahead of his father’s swearing in on Friday

President Trump and his Wife Melania and the rest of the Trump family watch the Inaugaration Parade from the White House

Just right: Melania Trump fixes her hair as she watches the Inauguration Day parade 

Touch up: Glamorous Melania looked every inch the First Lady as she sat through the parade 

Inspired: The silhouette that Melania chose (left) was remarkably similar to the one worn by Jackie Kennedy at her husband’s 1961 inauguration (right)

Enter front and center: melania makes her way on to the main stage at the inauguration on Friday 

She pulled out a clear umbrella when rain started to fall during her husband’s speech

She greeted her husband with a kiss when he arrived just after she did

She also gave former First Lady Michelle Obama a peck on the cheek during the ceremony

Melania beamed on the dais – made extra radiant by her sizable diamond earrings 

The couple looked serious as they stood together before the parade began Friday afternoon

The couple walked side by side, with Barron out in front, during the inaugural parade 

Melania waved to the crowd as she and Trump made their way to the White House 

The new First Lady clearly got into the spirit of things as she grasped Trump’s hand and pointed at the crowd 

The couple seemed to have a blast as they walked through the street lined with supporters

Although the White House will be Michelle’s official resident as the First Lady, she does not plan to call 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue home  

Melania will stay behind in Trump Tower to take care of Barron while Trump works in DC 

The family said they do not want to disturb Barron’s schooling as the reasoning for not moving him to DC with his father 

But Melania will stay in DC tonight and dance with Trump to Frank Sinatra’s My Way at the inaugural ball 

After arriving at the official tribune, Melania sat alongside Trump and Ivanka to review the marching band during the inaugural parade 

Trump and Melania watched the parade behind bulletproof glass after walking the streets

Melania’s double-faced cashmere creation consists of a mock-turtleneck dress, over which she wore a short jacket with three-quarter length sleeves that featured a bold collar that clasped at the neck with a cutaway.

The outfit held well together throughout the day’s festivities, which began with a coffee and tea ceremony with the Obamas at the White House. 

Melania then headed to the Capitol to watch her husband be sworn in as the President of the United States. 

After they said their goodbyes to Obama and Michelle, the Trumps made their way to the President’s Room in the Senate.

It was there Trump signed his cabinet into law and gave Melania a quick kiss on the cheek. 

The two then toasted one another as they had a brief moment of rest at a luncheon before the inaugural parade kicked off.

Melania looked regal as she stood beside Trump, her windswept undo still intact as they walked through the streets of Washington DC toward the White House.

Although 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue will be her official residence as First Lady, Melania has already revealed she will be staying in New York with Barron.   

Melania could be spotted applying lipstick as the long day of events continued on Friday 

Changing it up: Melania removed her coat later in the day for the inaugural luncheon after her husband’s swearing-in ceremony (above)

Deep breath: Melania and Donald were finally given a few moments to relax at the luncheon

Smell the roses: She sat alongside Trump and Abigail Perlman, the wife of Senator Roy Blunt

A toast: Melania joined Pence and others as they raised a glass to their new president

Melania smiled at her husband as Trump reached for her during the toast 

The two shared a tender moment as they clinked their glasses together during the lunch

Catching up: Melania was quick to greet her husband’s political opponent Hillary Clinton with a handshake and a smile

Going strong: Despite starting her day just before 8am, Melania still looked perfect at mid-afternoon (above)

Crowded house: The old administration prepares to leave as the new administration prepares to take office

Final thoughts: Barack Obama, private citizen, speaks with President Donald Trump just before he departs for Palm Springs

Force of nature: Melania braves the wind alongside her husband Donald, Vice President Mike Pence and Karen Pence as they watch the Obamas leave DC

The foursome were then hit by a gust of wind as they posed to take a photograph 

Parting ways: The Trumps walked the Obamas to their waiting helicopter that would be taking them to the board a government plane 

And he is off: Former President Barack Obama waves farewell as he departs Washington DC on Friday

Changes: President Trump and the First Lady hold hands as they make their way to the inaugural luncheon 

Trump gave Melania a kiss on the cheek as he formally signed his cabinet nominations into law

Melania then left the President’s Room of the Senate to make her way to the luncheon 

The news that Melania had chosen a look from Ralph Lauren was revealed shortly after she was first seen in the outfit on Friday.

‘With the historic swearing-in of her husband, Donald J. Trump, as the 45th President of the United States, the First Lady -elect will become America’s new First Lady wearing an American designer who transformed American fashion,’ said Melania’s spokesperson in a statement.

The suede gloves Melania wore were also Ralph Lauren Collection. 

Melania previously wore Ralph Lauren on election night, choosing one of the designer’s pantsuits for her husband’s victory celebration in New York City.

The shade of blue was remarkably similar to Tiffany blue it was later revealed as Melania presented a gift from the jeweler to Michelle Obama when her and Donald met the outgoing president and his wife at the White House.

That gesture came as Tiffany and other retailers near Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue have complained that the increased security required for the new first family is negatively impacting their sales. 

Melania got some help from a US Marine as she arrived at the Capitol before the ceremony

Passing the torch: Michelle Obama and Melania pose together after meeting at the White House on Friday morning (above)

From the 44th to the 45th: Michelle let Melania shine by dressing in an understated crimson dress for the ceremony 

Bearing gifts: Melania was photographed exiting her vehicle at the White House with her gift for Michelle

Warm welcome: Both Obamas graciously greeted Melania and Donald when they arrived at the White House

Clash of colors: Melania’s blue was most certainly not a Tiffany blue it was revealed when she presented Michelle with a box from the jeweler (above)

Catching up: Melania and Michelle had a brief conversation while their husband s spoke

Helping hands: The Obamas escort Melania into the White House ahead of the inauguration ceremony 

Both the statuesque First Ladies wore stilettos to further accentuate their tall frames

There were multiple designers who said that they would not dress Melania once her husband became president.

Initially, most fashion houses did their best to not comment on the matter, with French designer Sophie Theallet the first to publicly state Melania would not be offered any of her wears.

‘As an independent fashion brand, we consider our voice an expression of our artistic and philosophical ideas,’ the company said in a letter back in November. 

‘The Sophie Theallet brand stands against all discrimination and prejudice.’

Soon after, Tom Ford found himself embroiled in the controversy due to comments he made on The View.

Not a hair out of place: Melania beamed for the cameras as she exited church on Friday morning (above)

Fits like a glove: The look was designed by Ralph Lauren and is double-faced cashmere mock-turtleneck dress that is being worn under a short jacket with a bold collar

Gloveing it: Melania matched every single part of her look perfectly, from the shoes to her gloves and clutch

Picture perfect: The 46-year-old made the decision to keep everything else simple, choosing to play up her natural beauty by sweeping her hair into a loose chignon

Announcement: The news that Melania had chosen a look from Ralph Lauren was revealed shortly after she was first seen in the outfit on Friday

‘We’ve got a new first lady, Melania Trump, and she’s quite beautiful, and she’s thin, she’s gonna look great in [your] clothes, no?’ host Joy Behar asked Ford at the top of the interview, clearly hoping to learn if Ford would consider working with the former model or had a strict ban.

A hesitant looking Ford paused for a moment before responding to the question, saying: ‘I don’t know. I was asked to dress her quite a few years ago and I declined.’

He then explained his reason for passing on the offer by stating: ‘Well, she’s not necessarily my image.’

Ford, 55, then told Behar and the other hosts that he would also not be dressing Melania while she was in the White House, saying his clothes are ‘too expensive’ for a first lady to wear because they have to ‘relate to everybody.’

Day to night: Melania wore a black coatdress on Thursday afternoon (left) before changing into a figure-hugging gown by Reem Acra (right)

Former first lady’s first walk: Michelle Obama wore a bold lace dress and coat from American designer Isabel Toledo back in 2009 at her husband’s first inauguration (above) 

Politicians on parade: For Bill Clinton’s first inaugural parade back in 1993, Hillary wore a round blue hat with the turned-up brim and checked skirt suit

Politicians on parade: For Bill Clinton’s first inaugural parade back in 1993, Hillary wore a round blue hat with the turned-up brim and checked skirt suit

Hollywood in DC: Nancy Reagan opted to wear a red dress and coat with matching hat by Bill Blass in 1981

Ford’s designer wears were not ‘too expensive’ for Michelle Obama though, who Ford outfitted in a custom-made ivory evening gown back in 2011 for a dinner with the royal family at Buckingham Palace. Ford even threw in a pair of gloves to round out the look.

In the wake of Ford’s comments, Trump said that his good friend Steve Wynn had stopped carrying Tom Ford products at his Las Vegas resort.

Trump told Ainsley Earhardt on Fox & Friends that Melania never asked Tom Ford to dress her.

‘Never asked Tom Ford, doesn’t like Tom Ford, doesn’t like his designs,’ said Trump.

Flawless: Melania Trump selected a baby blue dress and jacket for her husband’s swearing in ceremony

No problem: There were multiple designers who had said they would not dress melania

Former Fist Lady: Melania’s decision to wear a pale blue and her choice of gloves made it immediately clear that she was channeling Jacqueline Kennedy

Center of attention: All eyes were on Melania as she and Donald entered St. John’s Church on Friday morning

First lady favorite: Hillary Clinton is also a big fan of Ralph Lauren, and frequently wore his pantsuits on the campaign trail

Big day: There has been much speculation since Trump was elected back in November regarding what designer Melania would wear to the inauguration 

Strutting her stuff: Melania also chose Ralph Lauren on election night, wearing one of his pantsuits when her husband was elected president 

Trump then went on to say: ‘Tom Ford is an example. “I will not dress the First Lady.” He was never asked to dress – and Steve Wynn just called me and he said he thought it was so terrible what Tom Ford said, that he threw his clothing out of his Las Vegas hotel.

That was later confirmed by a spokesperson for Wynn Las Vegas, who told in statement: ‘Wynn Las Vegas confirms it removed the Tom Ford line of cosmetics and sunglasses from the resort this past weekend.’  


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