A fan asked Rihanna why her hair looked nappy in her single cover pic, and Rihanna responded; ‘Cuz I’m Black Bitch’…If you missed that tweet exchange, click here.  You know Rihanna’s fans were going in on Twitter calling @NinyaBella a racist, and I’m sure some other choice words. Well Nina decided to post on her blog about her tweet gone wrong. 

When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong’:

Like any other day I go to check my twitter and notice Rihanna tweeted the cover to her new single “Man Down” shown below. I replied to her “why does her hair look so nappy?” Rihanna replies to me “Cuz im black bitch!” Now, the first thing I thought was “that doesn’t answer my question”. What does being black have anything to do with an ugly weave/wig. Nappy to me means dry, coarse, unkept hair. It doesn’t mean it has to be straight. And to me, this is how her hair looks in this cover. Other times it has looked good because it’s kept and done.

As a celebrity she has stylist who takes care of these things especially for an album cover. As a fan I thought it was a poor choice of picture, this same picture in color looks amazing! This black and white does nothing good for her. The texture of her hair looks horrible. It looks like plastic doll hair.

Everybody is jumping on the racist thing, first off Im not caucasian, Im hispanic. Full Dominican to be exact. My husband who is also the father of my kids is also Dominican. His hair is extremely nappy, so is my sons. Most of the people in my family have nappy hair. If you don’t know what Dominicans look like.. Look it up.

You can read the rest of Nina’s response HERE

Gumbumpers, what do you think about this,  was Rihanna a bit harsh? Or was Nina out of line?

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  1. That "hater" I mean "fan" was ignorant. Oh and for the record, "nappy" has nothing to do with "dry, coarse, unkempt hair." "Nappy" is synonymous with "kinky." Look it up.

    This is why Rihanna responded the way she did because people are so ignorant to the truth.

    ::loving my nappy hair::

    • Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. Your input means an especially great deal to me!

  2. That fan was ignorant and for the record, "nappy" has nothing to do with "dry, coarse, unkempt hair". Nappy is synonymous with "kinky"…..fool.

  3. This was the nigger moment Rihanna needed.She's made very slick comments about dark skin in the past.(Chelsea Handler interview)It was cute that she realized that she's Black.

  4. that question was so stupid. first of all you should have refrased what you was saying. second of all, whats it got to do with you if her hair is done how she wants it. you have no right to start up something which doesnt even concern you. rihanna may have thought that it was a rasict question which is why she may have been offensive. that woman shouldnt of even put that up the way she did

  5. That was a stupid question, so that was why Rihanna gave her a$$ a stupid asnwer. I think her hair looks cute, all they did was teased a little, who's to say she wasn't going for the nappy look. Rihanna keep doing you, we love it.

  6. I thouht the question was a valid one. She's spared no expense in the past to have a silky weave – why now? And if budget was an issue, there's always photoshop! 'Cause I'm black bitch' is not a good answer, Rihanna! #dobetter!

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