Meagan Good has never been shy about expressing her interest in portraying Whitney Houston in a biopic. And now that the pop icon has passed, Meagan reveals that the project was already in the works. Brandy, and Jennifer Hudson are names that have been thrown around, but it looks like Whitney already knew who she wanted to play her!  According to Meagan Good, the diva handpicked  her to star as her in a biopic.
According to an interview that Megan did with E! Online the two were suppose to meet this week to go over details of the film.

Californication actress Meagan Good tells me that she and Houston began discussions about a possible movie for Good to star in.

“We were fairly in the beginning stages,” Good told me last night at Vanity Fair and Juicy Couture’s Vanities party at Siren Studios in Hollywood. “We were supposed to meet today actually.”

Good said the big question for them was how the movie would end.

“My feeling is because she has the film Sparkle coming out and she’s brilliant in it and she looks beautiful and healthy, my feeling was that’s how we should end the movie—as a new beginning for her,” Good said.

Good said it’s too soon after Houston’s death to think about the future of the flick, but did say she decided right away she would never attempt to do her own singing. “I don’t think we’ve ever had a singer in history that I remember that could sing like her,” she said. “Plus, when people see someone’s life story they want to hear that person’s voice because they connect with it, in their spirit and their soul. So you would have to use her voice.”

As we continued, Good began to tear up. She couldn’t help but talk about Houston in the present tense. “For anybody spending time around Whitney, she’s so much fun,” she said. “She’s got just like a sassy attitude and is very funny and funky. She’s definitely a fun person to be around.”

Gumbumpers, do you think Megan is a good pick??

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