Actress, Meagan Good, recently sat down with Monica Cost to discuss her choice to be single and her perspective on a good relationship. Check out Meagan’s interview below:

Monica: Are you single by choice?

Meagan: Yes I’m single by choice. God is my lover until he sends me my husband.

Monica: What are some of the important lessons you’ve learned through dating in the past?

Meagan: I learned that relationships should improve your quality of life, not compromise it. I learned to always keep God first. I have also learned that it’s okay to compromise, but not to compromise the essence of what makes you who you are.

Monica: What are your minimum expectations from a man?

Meagan: My minimum expectations are that: he love the Lord, they are kind to other people, they respect me as a person, they want to be my friend-partner and not just my man.

Monica: What is the best way a man can approach you?

Meagan: A man can approach me by just being honest and straight are exhausting.

Monica: Do you see any issues arising from the disproportionate number of men to women? If so, what?

Meagan: I haven’t really noticed, but I do think two people who are meant to be will find each other.

Monica: What elements do you think are important when looking for a man?

Meagan: I think the most important thing is they are spiritual (love the Lord)..being that way creates positive habits, outlooks, and actions in a person

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