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Is Mariah Carey heading down the aisle with her billionaire love? Plus, Amber Rose and her boo Machine Gun Kelly were spotted at the Sally Hershberger hair salon in LA. See their photos inside….

Well….that was fast. Very fast. Now TMZ is speculating that Mariah Carey and her billionaire lover James Packer are talking marriage. “Sources” say that James and Mimi have been dating a few days…but you know how Mariah falls quickly and deeply. You’ll recall she and Nick Cannon had a whirlwind romance too.

Although Mariah isn’t “officially” legally untied from Nick yet, they’re saying James wants to wed sooner than later. Is Mariah just craving attention frm a significant other and validation? It could come off that way. Or maybe she just knows what she wants.

Get into those matching robes!

Sources saying that James and Mimi are cruising from country to country and James is blasting only Mariah’s music. Hmm….Is it weird that she listens to her own stuff or kooky that he’s playing it in front of her? TMZ also says James is obsessed with Mariah and her music and has been pursing her since he went to her concert in Vegas a month-and-a-half ago. SIDEBAR: Mimi met James through “Infinity” director Brett Ratner (standing to her right).

Right now….the whole crew is in Cannes. Mimi posted the above pic 4 hours ago, saying, “Fun moments in #cannes #danawalden #jamespacker @briangrazer #edenroc”. James is ALL OVER her Instagram! We’re not sure if this is a good or bad thing. WOrd has it he’s been obsessed with her for ages. A man with billions, even if they’re inherited, will eventually get his way….

In other couples…

Lately, we’ve seen Amber Rose hitting the LA streets on her Can-Am Spyder. But don’t get it twisted – she still flosses in a candy apple Ferrari.

But there have been some OTHER changes in Amber’s life. Remember her infamous Wiz Khalifa tattoo on her left arm? (it’s the “right” arm in the pic above). It’s gone! That’s right. Amber wiped the slate clean (so to speak) a few days ago and had Wiz removed from her body after several tattoo removal sessions.

It makes perfect sense that Amber would remove the tattoo. She is now in a seemingly serious relationship with rapper Machine Gun Kelly (above), who gushed to MTV News about her a few weeks ago. Recently, Amber opened up to Larry King about MGK while touting her upcoming book,
How To Be A Bad Bitch. Congrats Amber.


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Photos via Pacific Coast News/Mariah’s Instagram

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