Did Tami BLEACH her skin?

Reports are flying high that has Basketball Wives Star, Tami Roman getting the shade thrown at her. We’re hearing from our friends over at Lipstick A, that the skin bleaching police are on the loose again.

Peep this:

Just last month we told you that Love & Hip Hop star K. Michelle was being accused of bleaching her skin. This time they’re going after Basketball Wives’ Tami Roman. It’s unclear exactly when the rumors actually began, but it appears that they were triggered by a few recent photos shared to the reality star’s Instagram page, in which she looks a lot lighter than she did back when she emerged on the Basketball Wives scene. Fans also pointed out the drastic difference from how she looks now in comparison to how she looked during her Real World days. Once Twitter users caught wind of the rumors, they showed no mercy.

“Tami looking like Bella from ‘Twilight,’” wrote one tweeter.

“Tami went full LaToya Jackson. SMDH, she was naturally beautiful. This is so unnecessary,” said another.

“Why Tami out here looking like a ghost?” another fan questioned.

tami roman


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