Uh-Oh, I hope Mariah Yeater is absolutely SURE that Tristyn Anthony Markhouse the 3-month old baby, that she’s trying to put off on teen pop star Justin Bieber is really his.

I wasn’t there yall so, I cannot say… But, my opinion and YES, we’re entitled to those is maybe it is and maybe it isn’t… LMBO

The Bieb has confirmed that when he gets back into the United States he will give blood, a strand of hair, saliva or whatever method of collection they use to prove that this little love child is indeed NOT his.

But, maybe we should call on Maury Povich and ask him to speed up this process, cuz I’m wondering perhaps is there a chance that while Bieber is in another country that he can have new blood transfused, that would erase……….??? LMAO!! Ok, let me stop. I know I am wrong, but damn!!

My last comment to this is Mariah Yeater girlllllllllllll, if you’re listening

“HEAR ME LOUD & CLEAR….You betta be sure that that 30 seconds of uh..ahh was really with the kid, cuz youz going down if proven otherwise.”

What Theee Hell!?
School Girl

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