Matt Barnes still isn’t here for his ex-wife and former “Basketball Wives” star Gloria Govan! Matt claims that Gloria was out here hiding assets during their divorce battle, and wants to know how $155,000 mysteriously showed up in her checking account!

According to Blast, Matt went to court on October 13 and filed legal documents to have a judge order Gloria to fork over her bank records so his team can see where the cash came from.

Matt believes Gloria hid some pretty big assets and checks that she didn’t reveal in court. He claims she failed to give him her bank statements from August 2013- December 2015.

During her deposition, Gloria was asked about the large sum of cash that couldn’t be accounted for…but she allegedly claimed to not know.

Matt feels like it’s not right for Gloria to not produce her bank records, especially when they were married.

The two will meet again in court in December face to face!

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