A top contender on “MasterChef” Josh Marks, was arrested in Chicago on Monday.


According to TMZ, Marks, who placed second on season 3 of the hit reality show, was arrested after University of Chicago police spotted a spaced of Marks trying to use a campus emergency phone.

The online entertainment news site said when officers approached Marks they noticed he had lots of cuts on his face. When asked if anything was wrong, the chef allegedly lunged at an officer hitting the cop before attempting to grab his gun.

From there, the cop and two colleagues did all they could to subdue the 7’2″ reality star – pepper-spraying him, striking him with a baton – but Marks still managed to break free and sprint away.

He was eventually brought down by a total of five officers in someone’s backyard.

While he was being treated in an area hospital for his injuries, Marks, who is the spokesperson for “Real Men Cook”, – a charity that promotes male involvement, education outreach and advocacy on food resource and other issues, told officers that MasterChefs host, Gordon Ramsay, was responsible for what had happened to him.

The website did not say whether Marks blamed Ramsay for his blooded face or for his lifestyle change.

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