As we reported this week, #ColinKaepernick has filed a grievance against NFL owners, because he believes that they are conspiring to keep him from playing football again.

#MasterP and #TinyHarris are the owners of the #GlobalMixedGenderBasketballLeage which boasts talents such as the Gonzalez Twins, Glen “Big Baby” Davis, and Metta World Peace. It’s off to a great start and the rapper believes that Kap should do the same for the NFL

“I’ll help him start his own league. I think he should, I mean he’s a great football player,” the rapper said. “I think the NFL should have some competition.” Master P also made it a point to say that without ownership of a team there isn’t much Kaepernick can do with the situation he’s in.

Would y’all be here for this, Roommates?!


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