While the show did serve as a form of therapy for Mashonda, she talks with contributing writer Lathleen about why she will not be returning for a season 2.

“I’m not bitter,” clarifies Mashonda as being the most misunderstood thing about her. Fresh out of a high profile divorce with rapper/producer Swizz Beatz, Mashonda was approached by producers of a new VH1 reality show called Love & Hip Hop. She was asked to star as the lead, but the singer declined at first. “I just felt like being on a show, a reality show, would be too much, so I declined.” It wasn’t until best friend Emily B, also known as the mother of rapper Fabolous’ child sparked a change of heart in Mashonda’s decision. “Are you willing to come on the show to at least give Emily advice on her relationship? The producers were asking me, I thought about it and it made sense, so I said okay.”

Under the impression that her role would strictly be to help and inspire women around the world through her friendship with Emily, Mashonda agreed to join the cast of Love & Hip Hop. “I really honestly did do the show to help Emily and help women across the United States, to let them know that you’re not the only one that can go through something like this {divorce and heartbreak}.”

“In the first episode when you see Emily and myself in the restaurant, that was the first time I saw {her} in like a month and a half, so the reaction was so authentic and everything was so real. The producers loved the fact that I was able to get emotions out of her, because that was the first time Emily cried on screen. They {producers} kept asking me to come back, and I shot about eight scenes with Emily,” says Mashonda.

She admits to being the closest to Emily and doesn’t communicate regularly with the other cast members. Mashonda who has been officially divorced from her ex-husband Swizz Beatz for a year, recalls parts of the show that got her emotional.

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