Mashonda sits down with Lala and chats  woman to woman, about marriage, her sex life, and Tyrese’s infamous advice to only hang with married friends.

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On The Hardest Part About Dating a Baller….

The fact is that we are two people, with two careers. He’s on the road, and I’m off doing my thing as well. Already, you have a disadvantage. So now the main thing is trust and communication. I know what goes on out there, I know that life. I just think it’s all about trust, but at the same time, as a woman, we can’t consume ourselves with what they are doing all the time. We can’t forget about living and having our own life, which is something I’ve always advocated. I stay busy and doing my thing so that I’m not constantly concerned with what he might be doing. If there was anything that ever needed to be brought to my attention, I’m sure it would. But, I’m not going to be going and looking for anything. There has got to be a level of trust and respect. Melo is very respectful.

On Her Sex Life After Marriage & a Kid….

You have to keep yourself up to your standards, whatever that may be. Keeping yourself looking good and staying confident about yourself. You have to bring that confidence to the bedroom, you can’t be covering up and being ashamed of yourself. Keep things spicy. I still buy sexy lingerie and perfumes. Little things that he always will notice and say “Oh wow, what do you have on?” You can’t ever let that die.

On Tyrese’s Advice To Not Hang With Single Friends…

I have mixed feelings on that. I’ve known Tyrese since I was sixteen years old, and he’s always given me strong advice about life, but sometimes I’m like ‘Ugh I don’t know if I wanted to hear that,’ but I appreciate him. I don’t think you have to be in a marriage to understand the dynamics of being married. If you are a friend that is respectful of my situation, you know that there are things I can’t do that the single people can. My friends would never try to pull me into that kind of stuff. A lot of my friends have been my friend before I even knew Melo, including yourself, so how crazy would it be if I said ‘Yeah, I’m married now, don’t ever call me again.’?! The fact of the matter is, with society being the way it is today, it’s not like I can go find other married people to go hang out with. It’s slim pickings when you have to go find another married couple that shares the same values as you do, and that you actually want to hang out with them.



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