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On today’s episode of “The Real” Tina Campbell talks about going ham on her cheating hubby’s car and co-host Adrienne Bailon does a tribute to Selena – her first performance in six years! Watch the videos inside…

A few months ago we talked about sister act Mary Mary’s reality show and the troubled marriage of star Tina Campbell. Today on “The Real” Tina chats it up about what really went down when she found out her husband was cheating and how she took out her frustrations on his car. She didn’t use a gun…but she had a hammer!

Tamar Braxton: Now, Tina, I’m feeling like you saying “sorta kinda, girl,” ’cause you know last season we saw some infidelities in your marriage…

Tina Campbell: Yeah.

Tamar Braxton: [Continued] …you know, that came to light. And this season, ahem [takes her glasses off] … I gotta take my glasses off for this. This is some real true tea. It looked like you done shot up the man’s car! Did you do that, girl?!

Tina Campbell: I did not shoot up the man … First of all, I don’t own a weapon. I ain’t rented no weapon. I ain’t borrowed no weapon. But when you are angry and when you are enraged, you go get a hammer and you get some scissors and you go crazy and so that’s what I did.

Jeannie Mai: You do what you gotta do!

Tamar Braxton: Well.

Loni Love: I’m from Detroit, them look like bullets.

Tina Campbell on Destroying Her Husband’s Car:

Adrienne Bailon performs for the first time in six years! It’s a big feat for the co-host who pays tribute to her idol Selena with an emotional performance of “I Could Fall in Love.” Selena’s sister, Suzette Quintanilla, also appears and sings the praises of Jennifer Lopez for playing the role of her sister so well in the film Selena.

Adrienne Honors Selena with ‘I Could Fall in Love’ Performance

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