Married to Medicine’s Quad Webb has a mugshot photo from an arrest booked as “Quadriyyah Monique Webb” from back in 2011.


Quad’s mug shot was located by Toya in the season finale of Married to Medicine that aired last night on Bravo. Toya showed the above below photo to Kari Wells.


I remember Quad did speak candidly about the situation during the first episode, where she said she was the aggressor in a domestic altercation between she and her husband ‘Gregory Cicero Lunceford’ where she threw a bowl at him and he called the police.


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  1. I can’t stand that chick, she’s very messy, and her voice is irking. She pretends to be a Black Joan Collins from Dynasty or somebody. She’s not all that. Really, I don’t like any of those messy chicks on that lame show, but it’s good they got something on her too lol.

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