Christina Milian is working hard to stay relevant. She recently, sat down with Neicy Nash on “Let’s Talk About Love” to bump dem gums.’

Promoting her new job as media correspondent for the hit NBC show “The Voice” then they talked about love and her recent divorce from The Dream. As they bumped gums she spoke about her past relationship.

Christina revealed that:

she knows she’s a great wife and girlfriend….but sometimes that isn’t enough to stop a man from cheating. And guess what? Being pretty won’t keep him at home either!

Yeah, mmm’huh… Christina we know this… Just ask our girl Halle Berry.

She also added that sometimes:

“we” get so carried away that we might even mistake lust for love. Hmmm……

Sounds like she has a few regrets but, hey you live and you learn. She got a BEAUTIFUL baby out of the situation.

Check the interview HERE.

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