Your income tax refund checks might be a little late this year.

An apparently irate taxpayer climbed into the cockpit of his small single engine plane and flew it right straight into the IRS building in Austin, Texas today.

In a scene reminiscent of 9/11, workers scrambled in terror as thick black smoke billowed from one side of the building and books, papers and desks flew out of shattered windows.

Officials say the pilot intentionally targeted the IRS building and set his own home on fire before taking off. No terrorism link is suspected.

Two IRS workers were rushed to the hospital and one person is still unaccounted for. The toll of injuries is expected to rise. So far there is only confirmed death — the pilot.

One witness said the plane did not look like it was out of control. Fire crews are looking for survivors inside the IRS building, which is located next door to the FBI offices.

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  1. Can somebody please define terrorism because that shit surely seems like a terrorist act to me… TERROR is what the employees were is I bet

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