Ya’ll know the munchies we get after a night out of doing THE MOST with the squad right? Now, imagine that night, getting the munchies, craving something in particular—getting there, just to find the employee’s in the restaurant asleep. What do you even do at that moment?

Welp, Alex Bowen is better than me because I would’ve definitely woken them up because listen—ain’t nobody got time for that, I just came here to eat. Alex on the other hand, decided to take matters into his own hands, literally, and cook his meal himself!

It was 3 a.m. Alex got to Waffle House (which is open 24/7), he was craving a Texas cheesesteak melt, and waited to be served for 10 minutes—which must’ve seemed like a lifetime since he was turnt. He then saw an employee sleeping and decided to get down to business. The employee reportedly didn’t wake up at all the entire time.


Alex Bowen | Facebook

If you’re wondering, Alex didn’t pay for the meal as there was technically no-one to give his money to—but, he cleaned up after himself and returned later that day to pay for his sandwich!

A representative for Waffle House told TODAY Food “We feel our customers receive a better experience when we actually cook and serve their meals. However, we’re glad Alex was able to enjoy his Texas Bacon Cheesesteak…We’ve apologized to Alex and have invited him back to eat with us. We also promised him we’d do the cooking the next time!”

They low-key even tried to throw in a job offer for Alex too! Somebody come get ‘em—and their employee’s 😉

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