When your rich people are always trying to sue you and get your money, look at Oprah. A man by the name of Leicester Bryce Stovell is claiming to be Lebron father. According to Leicester he had sex with Lebron’s mother Gloria James when she was 15 years old. Gloria never told the 55 year Leicester that she was pregnant by him but he realized in 2007 when Lebron starting making hella money that Lebron favored him.

Now Leicester is not your typical loser looking for money he is actually a Princeton graduate who later earned a degree at the Universatiy of Chicago. This really only means he’s smarter at trying to get over. A DNA test was taken and the result came back negative but Leicester says that the results were tampered with. For all his pain and suffering Leicester is seeking 4 million for claiming fraud, defamation and misrepresentation.



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