A 23-year-old model and aspiring fashion designer is accusing officers from the #PhoenixPoliceDepartment of beating him up for no reason and now he’s demanding the department release the body cam video as evidence.

AaRone Fowler posted his disturbing account of what happened to him early Sunday morning on social media, which has now gone viral. Fowler said he was picking up a friend when a few officers pulled up and began questioning him allegedly about a noise complaint.

As he thought he was done speaking with him, Fowler began to walk away and that’s when Fowler said the officers beat him and a friend up without probable cause. He added that he was never arrested or charged with anything after the whole ordeal and the only statement the Phoenix Police Department gave to #TheShadeRoom is that there is currently an internal investigation into the matter.

“We got beat up and sent on our way. It was humiliating,” Fowler told The Shade Room. “Something has to be done. This is getting out of hand,” he said in reference to the accounts of police brutality against the Black community across the nation.

Fowler says he has no criminal record and still can’t make sense of why he was “brutally” attacked. He added that he was never read his rights because he was never placed under arrest, though he was able to obtain the two badge numbers of the officers he is accusing of attacking him.

He claims that one officer slammed him and pulled his hair while rubbing his face in the dirt. He also said that he was hogtied and elbowed, and suffered a busted slipped and several scrapes to his face as well as a broken bracket on his braces.

Fowler said he was even more upset because the officers allegedly claimed his own car was not his and that when they verified that it was, they allegedly told him that he should not have resisted arrest, despite the fact he was not placed under arrest.

Fowler is hoping that the body cam video will be released so he can receive justice. We plan to keep you updated on this story, Roommates.

TSR STAFF: Christina C! @cdelafresh


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