We all love us a good glass of Hennessy here and there but #Roommates please drink responsibly. Barry Ridge, 46, had one too many drinks and was pulled over in his red lawn mower for driving drunk in Indiana.

According to USA Today, police received a call from an upset resident who was pissed that Barry drove on their yard and started cutting the grass with his lil mower! Now I don’t know too many people who would be mad at this, but hey, to each his own.

He ended up heading down the road afterwards and was eventually pulled over by police in his lil red mower.

Barry’s blood-alcohol level was 0.189%. In Indiana, the legal limit is 0.08%.

Ironically, this isn’t Barry’s first time getting pulled over on the mower for driving drunk. He was arrested back on April 8th for driving intoxicated around a Kroger parking lot and “causing a disturbance.”

He is still awaiting trial for that arrest! Looks like Barry better slow it down a bit.

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