Dr. Conrad Murray’s mother says her son is learning “the toughest lesson of his life.” Milta Rush is asking a judge for a lenient sentence for the man convicted in the death of pop superstar Michael Jackson.

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TMZ has obtained a letter that Rush sent to the court pleading for Judge Michael E. Pastor to have mercy on her son.

She writes:

“Judge Pastor, Conrad is my son and as a mother I must say I know him inside out. He is sorry for what happened to Michael and had no intent towards him.” Rush also says she sympathizes with Jackson’s mother, saying she feels her pain for having lost her son. Still, Rush says jail is no place for her son and is “worried sick about him being incarcerated.” She says Murray is a good person who has “never drank alcohol, took drugs or smoked cigarettes in his life.”

Murray is scheduled to be sentenced today at 8:30 am Pacific Time. He has been in jail since his November 7th conviction on an involuntary manslaughter charge. The doctor admitted to supplying Jackson with the powerful anesthetic propofol as a sleep aid while the singer prepared for a series of comeback concerts in 2009. The drug was found to be a contributing factor to Jackson’s sudden death at the age of 50.

They are also saying that Murray will not serve a day in prison. Because of a new California law, any time he gets will be served in L.A. County Jail, and the amount of time will automatically be cut in half. And, Murray would be eligible for house arrest.

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