Model Tyson Beckford says he is regularly ‘racially profiled’ in stores like Barney’s in Manhattan.


Fashion megastar Beckford, 42, told PIX11 on Thursday that he frequently gets judged on the color of his skin in Barney’s and other places.

And on Friday it was revealed that another high-end shop, Macy’s, is facing a lawsuit from customer who says he was mistreated and humiliated due to the color of his skin.

‘I might have the most recognizable face in the world. I still get followed all the time, any time I go to a store,’ Beckford said outside Barney’s on Thursday.

He also said that he regrets that“even though we have a black president,” young men of color have to assume they’ll be more closely watched in retail establishments.  ”And it’s not just here,” Beckford said, it’s even at discount stores, he said.

That’s a damn shame, I get racial profile a lot also…but I’ve never been in Barneys. I think Barneys needs to get boycotted by the black people…..take your money somewhere else!!

Check out the video below:

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