With Think Like A Man Too FINALLY in theaters tomorrow, the very handsome actor stopped by Wendy’s talk show to dish on the star-studded romantic comedy and to reluctantly talk his two-year marriage and fatherhood. Y’all know Michael hates putting his business out there!




During their chat, Blue Eyes explained how TLAMT is more hilarious than its predecessor, while also jokingly throwing co-star Terrence J under the bus. With all the shirtless scenes the movie boasts, Michael revealed Terrence was the most body conscious out the group and would constantly rub himself down with baby oil LOL!

An uneasy Michael also opened up about his wife, marriage and fatherhood. As we painfully reported, the super private actor is not only married, but he’s also a dad to a baby boy named Elijah Rakim. The heartthrob dished on how he spent his first Father’s Day and why he likes to keep his business on the hush.


Peep the highlights:

On Think Like A Man Too:

If you liked the first one I think you’ll really love this one. It’s much funnier than the first one. If anything, the girls…they all come together. All their characters are fleshed out this time. It’s still a battle of the sexes. The girls versus the guys. Who can have a better time in Vegas.

On Terrence J:

Terrence J has down [was the most body conscious]. He doesn’t have a bird chest. Terrence was working out, but he was always, always putting baby oil on. Always. Even when he had clothes on. But that was a lot of fun. He was a lot of fun.

think like a man too

On how he keeps his life off of the blogs

It’s really not that hard. I don’t live my life in that way at all. I don’t live my life in a social way. I don’t put my everything out in social media. I don’t live that kinda reality lifestyle.

At the same time, I’ve always been private. Ever since I was in high school. People think, “Oh you’re in Hollywood, you like to…” I’m like, “No, no.” If you knew me in high school, you knew I learned then, if you want something to work, if it means that much to you, keep it yourself.


On how he spent his first Father’s Day:

It was awesome. I had just gotten back in town from the road and my wife went to go get her hair done or something like that because we had date night that night and so it was just me and him. We went and ran some errands, took him to CVS and got him some swim diapers and stuff.
When Wendy asked if his wife was ‘swirly,’ he revealed that she’s from Afghanistan. He also revealed that he’s been married for two years and dated his wife for four years before they got hitched.

Peep the clip:


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