Yo girl LaLa is making moves beyond the reality show. Her latest endeavor which is her cosmetics line “Motives. ” She is prepping for its launch.

The announcement of her celebrity brand of cosmetics came about on Twitter where LaLa initially tweeted photos of a few palettes and lip sticks, as well as the crew from her morning meeting. Now, she’s rocking the colors in her own line for her promotional photos.

Mrs. Anthony’s launch will happen in February and she’s also been sharing photos of the packaging that “Motives” is encased in as well. Her lip plumper is already available via Market America and she’s excited to bring her other products to market too.

Lala recently, bumped gums with E and here’s what she had to say:

On if she makes a big deal about Valentine’s Day

I actually do make a big deal about it; I want something for me that day. Usually, All-Star weekend falls on that day and I get mixed into events and craziness. This year it doesn’t so I don’t know what my husband has plan but he better have something planned.

On creating her new make-up line

I always wanted to have a make-up line but I never thought that would actually be possible. My friend Loren Ridinger has the ‘Motives Collection’ so I approached her with an idea to come out with ‘Motives For Lala.’ I’m just excited! It’s affordable make-up.

On Kim Kardashian’s work ethic

She doesn’t sleep at all. Its 5 o’clock wake-up, go to bed in the middle of the night, and she’s getting her nails done while she’s sleeping. It’s insane and it’s just the work ethic that I admire and I want to put that same drive behind this line.

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