Magic Johnson’s daughter Elisa Johnson was reportedly able to escape a home invasion in San Fernando Valley early Sunday morning.

According to TMZ, law enforcement sources revealed that Elisa was staying at an Airbnb that was rented by a group of friends. Two armed men were able to get inside the home and started “terrorizing” the 10 people who were staying there.

At the moment it’s unclear if the suspects broke into the home or if the door was unlocked, but law enforcement sources say the people inside the home were held at gunpoint and shoved around.

Elisa was in a bedroom when she heard the commotion. She was able to escape by fleeing through a sliding door at the back of the home. She ran down the street to escape any harm.

The suspects were able to make it out before police arrived. They reportedly made it off with jewelry, cash, and electronics worth between $30-$40k.


We’re glad no one was harmed during the invasion.



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