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In celebration of Father’s Day, actor Shad Moss opened up to the magazine about fatherhood and how it’s changed his life for the best. And he reveals he know how to style a mean ponytail! More inside…

We’re still honoring our YBF dads (because good parenting should be celebrated every day) and recently, “CSI: Cyber” star Shad Moss (formerly known as Bow Wow) opened up to ROLLING OUT about fatherhood.

During the very candid discussion (see the full article here) he explains how he balances the Hollywood party life with being a dad, navigates the murky waters of having a baby momma and how his daughter Shai has changed his life.

Also, Shad reveals that he can “do” hair and has been known to style Shai’s ponytails! Cute. Here are the highlights:

How has having a daughter changed you?

Having my daughter has helped me put a lot of things into perspective. I’m still who I am, though. You can look up a video today and still see me pouring champagne, Patron, or any vodka into people’s mouths in any club [around] the world. That’s how daddy gets the money to bring home to my daughter. But, I’m more respectful now. Looking at my little girl, I really have tunnel vision. How could I ever let her down? She’s my best friend, and I’ve been waiting for her to finally get to this age [4 years old]. Now, she can come to work with me and just be chilling. I love it.

I wanted to focus on being the best father that I could be, because my father definitely wasn’t a good father.

What’s the biggest challenge of balancing fatherhood with your career?

I shared a post not too long ago where Jermaine [Dupri] and I were promoting the new single “Where You At,” and my daughter was with me a full day. I went through a whole day of radio, while my daughter was sick. We drove an hour away, and not one time did she cry or act up. It just made me think that I will never get a nanny. I’m going to raise my kids. I don’t need someone to raise my kids. I just feel like, as a father, I just want to spend all that time with my daughter. So I keep her with me now. She’s of age and it’s fun, and its not hard to keep her with me. It’s nothing hard about being a father, but it’s a 24-hour job and it never stops. If she Facetimed me right now, I would have to stop this interview. There’s no excuse to not be there for your kids.

There are many Hollywood fathers that can’t have the same type of relationship that you are describing due to bad blood with the mother of their child. How is the relationship with your child’s mother?

I am just thankful that I’ve never had that, and that I don’t have to go through that. I think at times us men have to take responsibility [for why our baby’s mamas go crazy. We do a lot of s— that even if it’s not your baby’s mama, it can make them go crazy. You can make your girlfriend go crazy or your fiancée go crazy. I look at both sides of what you did and what I did and I am going to be accountable for everything I did because as the man, and the leader, I understand that if she wilds out it’s because of me. So I don’t have those problems, because I take care of my business. It’s really simple. All you have to do is show up and do what you said you were going to do and you should have no baby mama drama.

But we all mess up, and fall short in life. So if there are times when you mess us when it comes your fiancée and your daughter, how hard is it for you to say you’re sorry?

It’s very easy, because I’m real, honest and very blunt. I could be arguing with somebody about something I did, and I’ll admit to my faults and own up to it. So I can easily say I’m sorry. I like admitting to my mistakes. I think that’s what makes you a great human being.

What’s the one thing that you are most proud of?

Doing the things for my daughter that I wish happened for me when I was growing up. It’s not the plaques, movies or the money. It’s the little things like doing my daughter’s ponytail in the morning, or rushing out the door to get her to school on time. It’s the normal stuff in life that I’m most proud of.

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