Damn, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Benzino Owes More Than $5 Million In Back Taxes! .


The Jasmine Brand rreports the Hip Hop Weekly owner skipped out on paying taxes for ten years and the IRS has gotten hip to his game. The government issued the lien against Benzino in Georgia.

The lien documents filed in Georgia state that Benzino failed to pay the following amount of taxes over the course of ten years: $178,397.30 in 1997, $760,867.19 in 1998, $691,828.28 in 1999, $1,3339,844.11 in 2000, $634,281.39 in 2001, $143,7688 in 2002, $19,969.91 in 2003, $12,975.36 in 2004, $87,366.32 in 2005 and $18,470.64 in 2008.

Now the IRS is coming down on Benzino for a whopping total of $5,181,788.50.

However, this isn’t the first time Benzino has had some problems with with government in terms of his taxes. According to the site, he was charge by the US Attorney’s office for failing to file taxes in 1999 and 2000, but he got off from having to pay the $1.5 million tax debt from those years after being found not guilty.

Benzino has yet to comment on the $5 million tax lien, but we can only imagine the new lien couldn’t have come at a worse time now that he’s no longer generating cash from his role on LHHATL.

The star has yet to speak out on this most recent tax lien.

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  1. Him being on the show shed some light on how well his magazine was doing .. that was his downfall . I can’t understand why these guy don’t pay their taxes. Risking loosing everything

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