Well well, rumor has it that there won’t be a reunion show for the cast of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.  This is just like the other hip hop show in NY, the cast members don’t get along and Executive Producer Mona Scott Young will conduct one-on-one interviews!

Sources say:

“There’s only four episodes left, and we’re not going to have a reunion show. The cast doesn’t get along. The boys hate the boys and the girls hate the girls.”

We’re not sure if this is true, because after being put on blast in last night’s episode for not paying child support, Scrappy took to Twitter where he promised to drop some bombs on the reunion show:

I don’t understand what Scrappy is saying, maybe you can.

“First off we had an agreement so I dont have them folks in my business, not cus I wasn’t takin’ care of them but believe wut u want…” he said on his child support agreement with Erica.

“Man just for that lying an actin’ on #LHHATL again I’m def gone drop the bomb on the reunion about this.”

“I done took always took care of mine done…Aint nobody walkin’ out squeeky baby, and I can’t wait til yall know. Yeah gone slander me like I aint been the one providin’.”



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