During Louis Farrakhan’s annual Saviour’s Day speech at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, IL. In light of the revolutionary protests in the country of Libya, the Chicago-based Nation of Islam leader announced that Libya’s controversial leader Moammar Gadhafi has always been a good friend of his and that he does not intend to distance himself from the Libyan dictator. Farrakhan covered many topics such as the common beliefs of Christians and Muslims, the Los Angeles Church of Scientology as well as issues within the black community. The 77 year-old minister also warned President Obama about the revolution in the Middle East coming to America and then later criticized singer Rihanna for her sexually charged performances. He also criticized immigrant Muslims in the Chicago area for moving to white suburbs and being patronizing toward black Muslims.

To President Obama:

What you see happening there, you had better prepare because it will be coming to your door, America. I hope that President Obama will remember his instructions to all nations — be careful how you attack and kill innocent people who are protesting. Take your own words into your bosom and be reminded when it comes to your home

On non-believers:
He warned that non-believers and the sinful would face the wrath of God through high-technology UFOs, that he has often described in previous addresses.

What do you think??

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  1. 1879 1914 1975 2004 2011 20?? (Jer 25:31-33) – Isa 55:11 Gen 3:22 Tit 1:2

    Jehovah is the True GOD JESUS Christ is President.

    TITUS (TITO) is Universal Global Administrator

    Hallelujah – Ps 83:18 Ps 45:16 Da 9:25 8:9-11 11:31 2:44 12:1

    Isa 9:6, 7; 61:1-11. Exercise your saving power through are now

    Reigning King Jesus Christ (Mt 5: 17,18 Re 21:3-5).

  2. God does not choose one race of people, Farrakhan. And it's not the black race. God says in his word to be careful of false prophets. You Farrakhan are a false prophet. I am a non-believer, who only believes in God (Jehovah) and Jesus as the saviour and Gods son! You are decieving your flock and getting your wealth off your members! I am praying that you will give your heart soul and life to God (Jehovah) through his son the Christ Jesus. And Obama is not the Messiah, only Jesus is the real true Messiah! And he's coming very soon! Get ready!

  3. You people and Farrakhan are an insult to society. You are a cult. God Jehovah is the only true God and Jesus The Christ and Saviour is Gods Son. Stop decieving people. Blacks are not Gods chosen people. Any day now Jesus is coming in the rapture for his chosen true god fearing saved people, his bride! I pray that you Farrakhan get right with God and ask for forgivness and become a true born again Christian and believer and the thousands in your service that you decieve every week. God Bless.

  4. I quess you can call me an non believer…,because i rather no the truth than to believe something to be true..,and I know than my God or source LOves me dearly and there is no….NO seperation in that love….Love is the only truth everything else is an illusion…,

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