Wyclef Jean had social media blazing after he blasted the LAPD for his wrongful detainment due to a case of mistaken identity.

Well, the LAPD has since tweeted that they had nothing to do with the arrest.

Apparently, it was a matter that the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department had to deal with because they have issued an apology. In a statement, the LACSD called Jean’s six-minute detainment “unfortunate” as they explain that the musician had no direct involvement with the crime.

“It is unfortunate that Mr. Jean was detained for six minutes during this investigation, as he had no involvement whatsoever in this violent crime. However, Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriffs are frequently required to make lawful detentions, under the strict parameters provided by law, in the interest of catching often dangerous and armed suspects in our communities and keeping the public safe. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is apologetic for any inconvenience this process caused Mr. Jean. We are grateful we were able to apprehend the robbery suspects and that no one was seriously injured.”

The statement goes into the breakdown of what led cops to believe he was the robbery suspect, detailing that his appearance and the car he was spotted in resembled closely to witnesses accounts on the suspect’s appearance and car. They also further detail why police handcuffed Jean

“As deputies approached the vehicle, the occupants – driver and front passenger, almost simultaneously began to exit the vehicle. It was at this time that the deputies attempted to detain who they believed to be the suspect of the violent crime, Mr. Jean.
Due to the violent nature of the call (armed robbery), the similarity of the suspect vehicle to Mr. Jean’s vehicle, the time of day of the unfolding detention and Mr. Jean’s furtive movements and demeanor, he was handcuffed. It is reported that Mr. Jean’s furtive movements included actions such as once he exited the vehicle, he started to walk towards the trunk of the car, questioning why he could not get his things out of his trunk, even though he was clearly instructed by deputies not to approach the trunk. Mr. Jean was also ordered several times not to place his hands near his pockets or his waistband.

Out of an abundance of caution, a pat down search for weapons was also conducted of Mr. Jean’s person and he was subsequently secured inside the backseat of a patrol vehicle.”

Welp, so much for that apology. Anyways,  you can catch the rest of the statement below:

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