After leaking all those stories to the media about Lamar Odom being a crack head, it’s safe to say the Kardashian might have ruined his basketball career.


Today was the first day of practice for Clippers and with all the drama going on in his life Lamar was a no show for practice. And according to his agent he never missed practice that is until now.

NBA sources tell TMZ, team officials really wanted to re-sign Lamar over the summer after he performed well last season, but he was nearly impossible to reach … and they couldn’t make progress on contract discussions.

We’re told the Clippers were STILL interested despite Lamar’s flaky behavior, but after news broke about the NBA star’s issues with drug addiction … the team closed the book on a new deal, permanently.

Former L.A. Laker forward Antawn Jamison has since struck an agreement with the Clip Show, and the team’s roster is now full … meaning Lamar’s SOL … at least with the Clippers.



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