Bishop Larry D. Trotter, senior pastor of the Sweet Holy Spirit Church of Chicago, recently announced to his congregation and associate churches that he’s been diagnosed with prostate cancer and will undergo surgery on May 22, 2013.


The initial diagnosis came during Bishop Trotter’s annual physical in March of 2013 and was confirmed by tests. Doctors have informed Bishop Trotter that the cancer is in its earliest stages and that his prognosis is good.

“Thanks to routine screening this was diagnosed early and I expect a full and speedy recovery,” says Bishop Trotter. Trotter adds, “After reviewing all the options with multiple physicians, I decided to take a proactive approach and have surgery.”

“Additionally, I am encouraged that God will heal me of this as he has done other illnesses in the past. Sweet Holy Spirit Church and friends are fighting with and for me…I know a man.”

Bishop Trotter has pledged to become a public voice and an advocate for early testing for prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is relatively common, with more than 200,000 men diagnosed each year. About one in six men develop the disease but far fewer – about one in 33 – die from it. Prostate cancer is generally slow growing and can be detected through routine tests, according to the Prostate Cancer Foundation.



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  1. Very sad to hear this man- but a man of his faith through hard research and gods blessing with more knowledge he can cure his sickness.

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