So I guess the rumors are true, Christina Milian dumped her fiance Jas Prince so that she can start dating Lil Wayne 


The new couple were spotted last night at the 2014 ESPYS Awards!

These two weren’t just looking cozying together  during the show, but they also held hands as they made their way to their seats. 

Wayne also dropped a song yesterday  before the show which seems to be about his new love.

In “Tina Turn Up Needs a Tune Up“, he raps:

“She need a king, fuck them princes / You’re a queen / Let’s have a princess,” he raps, adding, “Oh, ya’ll just datin’? Well I’m still hating.”

He also drops a few lines about taking “Tina” (a drug reference, but obviously short for Christina).

This is the big issue of these two…..Wayne is now dating Christina Milian, who was married to and had a daughter with The Dream, who has children with Nivea, who happens to also be the mother of some of Wayne’s kids….all I can say is WOW!!!

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