Lil-KimShe may have taken a backseat lately from topping the  Billboard 100 charts, but very little can take away from the impact Lil Kim made while there.

Now, in an interview with The Guardian’, the Grammy winning entertainer has showered love on the ‘Pour It Up’ siren Rihanna, and revealed exciting details about her long-awaited return to music.

Her feelings on Rihanna and Miley Cyrus:

I love Rihanna because I see a lot of Rihanna in me and a lot of me in Rihanna. Miley and I have clicked. She told me that the two artists she’s ever wanted to collaborate with are me and Dolly Parton.”

On her return to music:

It’s coming. I don’t like to say when, because we’re getting ready to drop a few singles. We’re doing things a little different and we’re setting up for the singles, and then after that I’m sure the album will drop


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