Elongating what must be one of the longest Hip-Hop feuds in recent memory, Lil’ Kim has hit out at 90’s rival Foxy Brown in an interview with our friends over at  AOL Black Voices.

Check out what Lil Kim had to say about foxy:

On whether she’ll reconcile with Foxy Brown

“I don’t even want to mention her (Foxy). No, because she’s just somebody that’s just…No, I don’t even want to mention her. One moment she got something bad to say about me, one moment she got something good to say. I don’t like that flip flop sh–, that just means that you’re still crazy! My mom always told me if you know there’s a snake in the grass, and you know it’s a snake that bit you before, why would you pick it back up? I’m not picking back up anymore snakes no more. Everyone that’s around me now are very genuine, positive, and love me. You never know, time goes by and people show their real skin so I don’t give people 100% anymore. I brought so many people in this game, I rocked with so many people, showed so many people homage and love. But they don’t show it back to me. It doesn’t bother me, I just move on. That’s why I’m always quiet about things, I just take it on the chin because I’m God’s child.”

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