West Coast rapper Lil EazyE, son of late NWA founder Eazy-E, was mistakenly named as a victim in a fatal car crash by Texas authorities on Friday (December 30).  Lil Eazy Z confirms to news that family and friends did in fact die in a car crash over the weekend. Because Lil Eazy E rented one of the cars that crashed, police believed the rapper had died. Lil Eazy E confirms to news he was not traveling in the car at the time of the crash.

The crash occurred one hundred miles outside Dallas on December. Lil Eazy E (Eric Wright Jr.) tells news that he had rented the car for family members. In total, eight people died.

He explained to news how the confusion erupted. “Highway Patrol put me into the mix of being one the people [… dead] in the car. But I am very okay, and live and well… I appreciate the love and support for everybody. But I’m okay. It is a lost to my family that really touched me.” FreddyO.com reports that Eric called Cannick to record the audio, disproving erroneous death reports.

The fatalities include close friends Debra Thompson of Long Beach, Calif.; and Curtis Sanders, Michael Mathis, Lawrence Bridnac III, of Compton, Calif. The other car suffered four fatalities: Sonia de la Torre, of Annona, 29, and her three children.

The accident happened in Annona. Reports claim that no witnesses were present and that all passengers and drivers in both cars were found dead.

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