Even though rapper, Lil Cease and Lil Kim haven’t talked in years after her 2005 perjury trial. His testimony led to her conviction which resulted in her spending 10 months in jail. Lil Cease was forced to take the stand after being subpoenaed by the Feds. Lil Kim still considers him a snitch.

Cease decided to put his grown man hat on. Cease says he put his pride to the side when posted this:

Lil Cease Kim

It’s Only Right For This!!! #TBT Me & @lilkimthequeenbee @lilkim at #Diddys #JustinRestaurant in #Nyc Congrats To The Queen On Her #Pregnancy & A Momma To Be Soon!! I Always Put My Pride & Bullsh*t To Aside When It Comes To Real Life Changing Situations For Better!! Wish You Nothing But The Best Wit Ya New Born.. Always Will Be #BigMomma Da #QueenOfRap4Life

The go wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy back! Gumbumpers, what do you think about this?

Lil Cease, Lil Kim, Baby Bump Watch

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